jueves, febrero 05, 2009


Today I write you, brother, since I need to write to myself, and you're the closest I have to that, the one that understand me almost as I do. I been having this feeling lately, something that pulls me inside out. There I'm the son of the Earth. She, like every mother, call me to jump into my life. A life that's not quite like this. A box opens and from the inside a blue hand stretches out of it. The box floats as if there were no gravity. The hand begins to turn into a whole blue man that keeps stretching and stretching out. He learns to float at a different level now, as once upon the time he did in a smaller scope. Red people look at him, and so do green and purple ones. They look and don't understand, but he's just blue, and he likes to stretch himself coming outside a box. That's just the way it is with blue people. His mother looks at him too, a grin scapes from her face. Do blue people seek other blue people? Who knows... what they don't seek for sure are boxes, no matter how fancy the box can be. The blue guy -that little blue guy- jumps into the air and makes a sphere out of himself, turning around an invisible axis. He turns into a shoe, and then into an arrow that cross the skies to land on my back, melting into my skin. I look around at my mother Earth and mark my first spot. Not too far away, nor too near. We are used to this, my friend. Seekers shall seek. I feel the calm growing inside. I feel it almost fulfilling me. I've marked that spot.

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Silvia Ivancko dijo...

Nacho... e desde esse episódio você se tornou azul, ele penetrou em você e não há mais possibilidade de retornar à cor anterior!
Não pode mais viver dentro da caixa, expande, cresce...e desprende-se da mãe terra como que soltando-se do cordão umbilical para ganhar o universo!
Welcome blue man!!! :-P