viernes, agosto 01, 2008

Sunshine smile

As you float through the air
and land on my backyard
merciful thoughts possess my mind,
I can see that sunshine.

Leaves fly around till they find
a place in where they feel at ease.

Since we are born we feel
so let feel be the rule to follow,
let the dance be guided through our feeling groove,
let a smile be sound and light, and soul.

That you carry is beauty itself,
cannot be touched, cannot be measured.
Be and just be, for all it needs is air
to use as a carrier straight to my eyes.

And I'm the juglar and the lover,
akind any flesh around.
But it's a well seasoned one,
beating life lays beneath this skin.

And as I'll be alive I'll search
and try to reach the way to tune myself
to my spirits directions.
Not too far, sun shines on a smile.

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