viernes, marzo 23, 2007

Last call for redemption

Do people not believe on it anymore? Fighting each other for a piece of ground, not knowing that a life worths millon times a glass of oil... It is a shame! Shame on you, you modern pirates, succeeding Attilas. There's a whole planet to share, don't you see? Take a peep through the bomber's window and watch the life fulfilling our nature's crib. Don't serve as a shield for the ones sitting in their living rooms. Don't drink your scotch while holding your cuban when you deliver death by phone, there's life on the other end covering for your painted fabric on that stick. Did your Holy Lord give you the power of choosing his next roommates? Fuck off. Fuck off. It aint like that. Look around. Look the fuckin' round. You are bringing your race to the end, for human is the only race there is between humans. What are those black, yellow, latino crap you are talking about? We are all humans, you pigs. Get the fuck out of my planet, for my planet has no place for people who don't love. And if you want to join the party, be welcome but, over all, be grateful, kind and redeem yourself celebrating life.

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Jofi dijo...

In the end all empires fall... Let's hope that someday governors notice how the boomerang of life works... it won't be long for the time when their own spits fall over their faces.